New Book Deal


I have wonderful news to share! After many, many years, I reached a milestone! I signed my first book deal with a legacy publisher. So happy and excited. Look for Juneteenth, part of the Robin Hill series, to come out on Simon Spotlight in the summer '25. I have to thank my agent, Brenda Bowen, for all of her hard work.  

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Come See Me at the Bay Area Book Festival


Now that the world is reopening again, book festivals are back. Back in a big way. The LA Times Festival of Books kicks off next month. I'm definitely heading over to check it out.  I'll also be vending at the Bay Area Book Festival. I never attended this festival before, so super excited to go! I asked to be in the Family and Children's section - so look for me there if you're in the area. I'll be signing copies of Wishless. 

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How to Import Your Google Doc with Comments into Scrivener


Have you ever done something once successfully and then forgot how to do it? Me too! It’s such a time suck when you try to do it again and can’t.

I’ve been revising my manuscript, and I didn’t think I would use Google docs as much as I do… but...

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How to Revise Your Novel with Plottr


What is Plottr

So, you have a story. Better yet, you completed the first draft and happily typed ‘The End.’ You know it’s not really the end, though. Now comes the fun part, rather, the pulling out your hair and swearing as you wrangle that bad boy into something that sizzles on t...

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The Big Boo!


So happy to share my short children’s story, “The Big Boo,” is published on Short Editions. It’s a fun story that I originally wrote when I had a toddler, she’s a young adult now! Happy to see it find a place in the world and I’m super excited that it’s included in their story dispensers.


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Download Scrivener Template for the Virgin’s Promise


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about writing, reading about writing and planning to write these past few weeks. No substantial writing has actually taken place. I’m holding out hope that at some point, the words will just pour out of me, like some third act montage with an energetic soundtrack- and I will finish my novel. These are unusual times, and I guess that’s as likely to happen as anything else these days. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I struggle to create as my mind flits from one idea to the next, never settling on any one thing as I filter news of the progress of COVID-19 and wonder if my cough means something. Then I’m down the rabbit hole of looking for testing sites, discovering I’m not eligible to be tested, and it’s back to my safe place on the co...

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Free Short Stories Dispensed at Oakland Airport


When my daughter came home over Thanksgiving break, she came home bearing gifts. She had stumbled upon a machine in the Oakland Airport that offered free short stories. My first thought was, how cool is that? My second thought was, how I can be down and (third thought) why isn’t LAX doing this?
Basically, you tell the machine how long of a story you want – one minute, three minutes or five minutes, and it prints it out for you. According to the press release, the machine offers more than 9,000 authors with stories for both children and adults. The Airport, in a partnership with a French company, Short...

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Get Help Publishing Your Book Reviews in Lit Mags


When I went to AWP this past March, I took part in a wonderful partnered reading event organized by Synchronized Chaos Magazine.   They paired emerging and established authors to read. They had the established author write a response to a piece of work written by the emerging author. It was a very engaging evening.

We all know how hard it can be to get our books reviewed, and on the flip side, if you write reviews, where you do submit them?

Welp, Synchronized Chaos can help. They have set up a free review writing exchange to support the literary community. If you’re interested, they will send you a list of books in your favorite genres, and you pick one or two and write reviews of them....

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