Get Help Publishing Your Book Reviews in Lit Mags


When I went to AWP this past March, I took part in a wonderful partnered reading event organized by Synchronized Chaos Magazine.   They paired emerging and established authors to read. They had the established author write a response to a piece of work written by the emerging author. It was a very engaging evening.

We all know how hard it can be to get our books reviewed, and on the flip side, if you write reviews, where you do submit them?

Welp, Synchronized Chaos can help. They have set up a free review writing exchange to support the literary community. If you’re interested, they will send you a list of books in your favorite genres, and you pick one or two and write reviews of them.

They will work with you to research and place your review in higher-end literary magazines. They will look up magazines that are currently accepting book reviews and create a pitch letter and reach out to editors. They can also reach out to magazines that you know of if you’ve got a dream publication where you’d love to be published. So you get published and the author gets their book reviewed! 

You can also let them know if you have a book that needs reviews. Win win for everyone.

Send Cristina Deptula an email to get started.