3 Awesome Apps You Need to Make Publishing a Snap

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I don’t think the writing ever gets easier. Each story presents its own set of challenges and intricacies to work through. After completing what seems like a Herculean task of writing a novel, it can be disheartening at times to realize that this is only the beginning. There’s still the publishing and marketing (and more marketing)…

Story Planner App for Writers Review


Working on a novel? Great app for writers of fiction! I’ve been looking for a writing app so I could could organize and work on my novels while on the go. I spend quite a bit of time shuttling my daughter around and rather than scrolling through memes or watching Netflix while I’m waiting, I want…

Creating the Ultimate Scrivener Submissions Tracker

scrivener submission tracker

Keep all of your information in one place with Scrivener Submissions Tracker I’m on 101 different email lists about writing and I came across one that had a really nice template in Excel for a submission tracker. Of course, I downloaded it and started inputting submissions for my picture books. Wouldn’t you know it? My…