Sibylla Nash

Author and creativity coach Sibylla Nash, has written hundreds of articles that have appeared in a variety of national magazines and newspapers.

2017 Fellowships for Film and Television

2017 film television fellowships

Here are the 2017 deadlines for film and television fellowships. Some offer a stipend, some don’t. Not to appeal to the procrastinator in you, but typically most of these programs are annual, so if you’re not ready this year, plan for next year. Whatever you do, just get writing. Good luck! Academy Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship: There are three…

4 Ways to Make Your Writing Resolutions Stick

writing resolutions

Another year is upon us and this time you plan to finish that book or start that blog, for real. Isn’t there something exciting and electrifying about writing down the changes we want to see happen in our lives over the course of the year? It’s like a first date – so much potential. Two…

3 Awesome Apps You Need to Make Publishing a Snap

awesome apps 2

I don’t think the writing ever gets easier. Each story presents its own set of challenges and intricacies to work through. After completing what seems like a Herculean task of writing a novel, it can be disheartening at times to realize that this is only the beginning. There’s still the publishing and marketing (and more marketing)…

BuzzFeed Offers $12,000 for Emerging Writers Fellowship

buzzfeed emerging writers

I used to think Buzzfeed was just good for listicles and funny videos but oh has my opinion changed. In addition to the amazing recipes like this and this, I read an engrossing long-form journalism piece that was reminiscent of Vanity Fair in their heyday. Expect to see more of this type of reporting and…

What I’m Reading – The Last Good Girl

the last good girl

I just started The Last Good Girl by Allison Leotta.  I read something somewhere that compared it to Gone Girl. Since I’ve never read Gone Girl, only saw the movie, I wanted to be ahead of the curve on this one.  This book could be ripped from the headlines considering the heightened awareness surrounding campus…