The Writer’s Notebook Now Available

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The 30-Day Planner for Setting & Achieving

Your Writing Goals


30 day coverCheck it out, I bet you have some writing goals that you’ve been working on. Maybe you’re not as far along as you would like. Writer’s block, procrastination, those darn dust bunnies won’t dust themselves, all types of things keeping you away from hitting your goals.

I feel your pain! Been there! Done that (more than once)!

I know you’ve probably heard this but it bears repeating:

A goal without a deadline is just a dream!

The Writer’s Notebook: The 30 Day Planner for Setting & Achieving Your Writing Goals can help you. Learn how to turn your writing dreams into reality. Just starting out or a seasoned professional, The Writer’s Notebook will help you achieve your goals whether it’s finishing your novel, selling a magazine article or creating a poem. You’ll stay on track and stay focused.

The Writer’s Notebook Offers:

  • Undated pages
  • 32 pages of task lists
  • 31 writing prompts
  • Daily progress reviews and word counts

This is a digital product, you can download the file and print or type directly onto it. It’s a fillable Adobe Acrobat file – there is no physical product that will be mailed.

Get your copy here for only $6.99!

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