Get Unbalanced with Laura T. Johnson

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As authors, many times we are responsible for pouring our heart and soul into our work in order to craft the best story we can tell. We also have to find an audience and sell our books. A daunting task indeed. This space is for authors to share their marketing journey.

Please welcome novelist Laura T. Johnson as she shares her story.

Your author’s bio is a marketing tool. Does it keep people wanting to know more? Share yours below in 100 words or less annnndddd GO!:

Laura T. Johnson is the author Where Would I Be and the Unbalanced Series. Laura decided to write her first book to share her story of abuse at the hands of a boyfriend. She attended Ashford University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Laura is currently working on the second book in Unbalanced Series. Although her life has not turned out like she planned, she is extremely happy with God’s plan for her. Laura wrote her first book in hopes to help someone who’s going through or has gone through domestic violence. She continues her fight against domestic violence.

Tell us about your book, the audience you’re trying to reach and the marketing challenges you faced. Upload the cover of your book.

UnbalancedSynopsis for Unbalanced:

Catherine “Cat” Palmer is a journalism major at Howard University, and works full-time as a receptionist in an emergency room. Juggling work and studies has left her no time for a social life. When her friends drag her to a frat party one night, she doesn’t expect to be introduced to the campus heartthrob, Dorian Wallace. Dorian is a business major at the university, known for his wealth and prowess with women. When he lays eyes on Catherine, it is love at first sight. It doesn’t take long before the two become inseparable.

At first, Catherine is enamored with Dorian’s attentiveness, and is grateful for the new lifestyle his wealth has afforded her. It soon becomes apparent Dorian’s intentions are not honorable, and simply a means of controlling her. Catherine finds every reason to excuse his antiquated thinking and domineering behavior; however, ignoring his actions isn’t as easy for those closest to her.

Will Catherine have the strength to escape the abuse, or will their love remain Unbalanced?


The audience I want to reach  are between the ages of 18 to 45. I understand that it is a wide range for an audience, but so is domestic violence. It affects us all; no matter the age, color, sex, or status. That is what my books are about. My plans are to cover the entire gamut of abuse. I want to show people that abuse does not just affect a certain type of person. It touches us all in some kind of form or fashion. Until we understand what domestic violence is, we will never be able to put a stop to it.

Marketing challenges:

Honestly, everything is a challenge for me when it comes to marketing. I have yet to find something that works for my books. As for now, word of mouth works pretty good for me, but I want something that I can count on every time. Mostly, I find that my following comes from speaking engagements I do about domestic violence.

Share creative ways you’ve used to market your book:

This year will be the most creative I will ever be. I plan to have more signings than I ever did before. I want to go where the people are (i.e. coffee shops, bookstores, storefronts) I plan to even try having a signing in a park. I’m beginning to see that the possibilities are limitless.

Where do you go to promote your book(s)? Share some of your favorite sites:

I promote books in the basic places. Of course, Facebook, Twitter, my blog, and Google+. I am always looking for more places to promote.

How can we stalk you online? Share your social media profiles and author website:

My blog:
Twitter: AuthorLauraJ

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