Great Scrivener Template for Novel Writing

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I've had Scrivener for awhile now but haven't fully utilized its potential. It's like having a Porsche and just using it to run errands down the street. There's a lot of power under the hood that I have to figure out how to exploit. 

I'm always searching for different templates to help me organize my story and I found a really great one on Carole Norrrington's site. Hats off to her, this template is very thorough. This is how she describes it:

"The Outliner is set up like a virtual workbook to help you develop and refine your story.  You don’t have to work through it in order, although the order presented is logical.  You can start with the basic plot structure / situation.  You can start with the main character.  Or you can start with the themes, ideas, and inspirational nuggets.  You can even just start by pantsing it."

Scrivener screenshot


You can download it here. 

I have big plans. I can export my Evernote notes as HTML and import them into Scrivener. I'm thinking about using the software to manage projects as well as my novels. I was trying to think of a system where I could keep all my information about markting projects in one place…notebook? Binder? Tabs? Scrivener has all of that.  Soon as I figure out how I want to do it, I'm going to create project management templates. I'll keep you posted. 

How do you write? What tools do you use to bang out that very draft?

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